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The Diana, Princess of Wales memorial tree, planted by members of Grazeley Youth ClubThis page answers many of the questions we get asked about the Village Hall and this website.

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Accidents - What should I do if someone has an accident in the Hall?

All accidents occuring in the Hall or in the grounds should be entered in to the Accident Book. This is kept in the kitchen cupboard along with the First Aid Kit.

If necessary call for emergency medical assistance. The nearest public telephone is in the lane adjacent to Grazeley Primary School, opposite the Hall (map).

In case of fire or other major emergency at the Hall, contact the relevant emergency services and also contact the Lettings Secretary on 0845 643 6194.


Booking online - How do I do it?

Booking online is pretty simple. You just find the date and time you'd like to hire the Hall in our online calendar and, if it's available, fill in a simple form online, then send us a deposit cheque.

A step-by-step guide to booking online, plus related questions and answers, can be found here or by selecting 'Help' at any time from the top of the online calendar screens.


External links - What do the little arrows mean?

If you use a web browser such as Firefox, Mozilla or Safari you'll notice a little arrow appears next to some web links. This arrow indicates that the link will take you to an external site - ie: a site that does not belong to Grazeley Village Hall.

These arrows do not currently appear in Internet Explorer or other browsers that do not support CSS3 attribute selectors.


Payments - How can I pay?

We generally prefer cheque payments, although cash is accepted by arrangement with the Treasurer.

We have previously been asked if we accept credit/debit card and online payment methods. Unfortunatly this is currently not an option, although we may be able to provide this service in the future.


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